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AIBM has a personal guide to personalized travel guides.

It is a luxury service, which refinement and customization vary from customer to customer. Luxury that does not mean opulence, or something reserved for few billionaires, but a tour for high socio-cultural level.

It is a service for discerning tourists who want to get out of the obvious.

Among gastronomy, fashion world, architecture, ecological, has itineraries that act as suggestions to the tourist, but personalization is the key of the tour.

For example, more personalized packages and itineraries tailored to the interests of specific audiences, at leisure, make choices by programming appropriate to their age group or groups with similar interests.

Instead of offering ready-made and closed packages that serve everyone indiscriminately, investing in the quality of a unique service to your client, makes us become a reference in Italy. 

Our difference is about knowing how to listen to our customers about their expectations of the trip, their degree of culture, personal tastes and style, their financial availability, to offer packages that tune the dream of travel to their reality.

Being aware of the problems that may arise and seeking to resolve them in a timely manner, before and during the trip, are also attitudes that justify the search for professional quality service that the AIBM offers.

Customized tourism is a special tourism, outside the standards of tourist agencies, since there are no equal itineraries. Each roadmap is drawn from the customer's need and desire.


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