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I) Recognition of italian citizenship

- The support we offer, and the difference in our service, consists in our large experience and knowledge, together with the public authorities in Italy and abroad. 

Thanks to our experience and the high interest in promoting the rapprochement of the various "Italies" in and out of our territory, we are recognized by the Italian Government and we work as consultants in resolve cases related to the issues we deal with, especially in the issue of the recognition of Italian citizenship;

- We are particularly proud to be able to offer personalized assistance to every person who is looking for us, always taking care to fully clarify all the doubts that may arise during the various stages of the proceedings;

- We also help with the recovery of ancient documents, stories of ancestors and localization of the place of origin.

We are specialized in genealogical tree reconstruction, with the discovery of documents proving the correct relationship;

- Please feel free to contact us, we can clarify any questions or doubts and solve your needs:

Ass. Italo Brasiliani nel Mondo

Di Luciani Ester & C. Sas

Via Nazionale 192/C, 40051 Altedo di Malalbergo (Bologna)

Tel. 051.581156 Fax. 051.565550

Mob. +39 392.2984330 (Whats App)

Skype: “aibmgiovanni”


II) Simple and sworn translation:

- The sworn translation is done through a Public Recognition and Commercial Interpreter (TPIC), approved by competition, in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 13.069 / 43, registered at the Commercial Court of the State in which it performs its activities.

-What distinguishes swear translation from others is the public faith that is inherent to it, remaining a copy stored in the Books of the Translation. The books are kept by the Translator until he leaves his office, moment in which the books pass under the responsibility of the Commercial Court.

- Sworn translation must be accepted by all organs and entities based in our territory, remaining the responsibility of the TPIC in communicating to the national and international authorities the faithful content of the documents submitted to it, without errors.

III) Creation of individual conferences and orientations for Brazilian citizens living in Italy / European Community on the following topics:


-entry and stay in the country;

- public health, education and Italian legislation;


- job search, CV development, interview preparation, career orientation 


IV) Interpretariato e Assistenza Tecnico d'Ufficio riconosciuta dal Governo Italiano, chiarendo e difendendo i diritti e doveri dei cittadini brasiliani;

V) For Brazilians who have an interest in Italy, we offer:

- Personalized Italian language courses on-line and in person


- structure and support in all those experiences of cultural immersion in their origins given by the countless descendants of Italians emigrated to Brazil;

- project "Passing time in Italy" realized by highly qualified bilingual professionals. Brazilians who experience this project have the opportunity to "spend time with themselves" in a holiday context, or just to reflect about professional and life decisions, in "an Italy" that still it reserves us time, enchantments and historical, artistic and gastronomic inspirations;


- orientation for young people wishing to study in Italy / European Community, how to prepare for the arrival in Italy and building a positive attitude to multi-cultural coexistence;

- support to Brazilians wishing to invest in Italy;


VI) To Italians interested in Brazil:

- support to Italians wishing to invest and build a new life in Brazil

- Portuguese courses online and in person

- indications of volunteering actions for young Italians in Brazil



- A.I.B.M. owns the tourism sector for a luxury service, where attention and customization vary from customer to customer. It is a luxury service, which refinement and customization vary from customer to customer. Luxury that does not mean opulence, or something reserved for few billionaires, but a tour for high socio-cultural level.
It is a service for discerning tourists who want to get out of the obvious.

- Among gastronomy, fashion world, architecture, ecological, has itineraries that act as suggestions to the tourist, but personalization is the key of the tour. For example, more personalized packages and itineraries tailored to the interests of specific audiences, at leisure, make choices by programming appropriate to their age group or groups with similar interests.

- Instead of offering ready-made and closed packages that serve everyone indiscriminately, investing in the quality of a unique service to your client, makes us become a reference in Italy. 
Our difference is about knowing how to listen to our customers about their expectations of the trip, their degree of culture, personal tastes and style, their financial availability, to offer packages that tune the dream of travel to their reality.
Being aware of the problems that may arise and seeking to resolve them in a timely manner, before and during the trip, are also attitudes that justify the search for professional quality service that the AIBM offers.
Customized tourism is a special tourism, outside the standards of tourist agencies, since there are no equal itineraries. Each roadmap is drawn from the customer's need and desire. Just let us know in advance, telling us what you want to do and the exclusive package will be built successfully. 

- A.I.B.M. do also researches to find the origins, doing trips with Italo-Brasilian citizens to the city of the ancestor, and it goes to the home where he was born and lived years ago. We know how important the story is, and we want the family to revive, their origins in a special way.




   Organizing a marriage in another country can become a difficult and stressful experience. 

A.I.B.M. can help you organize all the details of this special day, so that your dreams can become reality.
    You will have the right legal assistance to arrange and care of all the legal practices your marriage requires.

You can even choose the location of your ceremony (field, beach, castle, church)! 
   You prefer a classic wedding in a downtown church? Or the opportunity to get married in a castle or a villa?
    We will take care of all the details, such as the buffet (with typical Italian food and any other international specialty of your choice), adapting the menu to your tastes.
   Our chefs will gladly present their specialties and organize a great buffet, so it will be a pleasant and sweet "great day". An orchestra will add romanticism to the atmosphere.
  The floral decoration, with beautiful arrangements and with delicious fragrances, will transform the "big day" fragrant and colorful, so that it will enriches the environment and provide beautiful photographs.

    In addition we can take photographs of the bridal couple in typical Italian places; you just need to tell us your requests, and our help will be offered with pleasure.  You will have the chance to have an hairdresser and a professional make-up artist who will meet your needs before the ceremony. If you wish, your guests will be able to enjoy this service and have an impeccable look!


- A.I.B.M. organizes baptisms in the Church of your choice whether you are an Italian citizen, or not. If you are an Italian citizen, we can realize the baby's baptism in the same church of your ancestor. Valorizing the origins is what A.I.B.M. has been doing for over 17 years, and every time we are excited about it as if it is the first.

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